Our custom orders are more than just cookies. We treat each request like a piece of art, ideal for gifts and events that need a special touch.

If you have a custom design, flavor, or dessert idea that you don't see on our website... send us an email! We may be able to make your sweetest dreams come true!


Sushi Wedding Favors

These adorably mini sugar cookies were shipped across the country for a sushi-loving couple whose guests could only attend their wedding virtually, due to COVID. We worked with the couple to cookie-fy some of their favorites: avocado roll, California roll, tuna nigiri, and salmon nigiri.


Impressed details combined with hand-painted and marbled frosting (and a hint of crunchy sugar sprinkles on those California rolls) pair perfectly with our soft sugar cookies! This couple opted for matcha, chocolate, lemon poppyseed, and vanilla bean cookies.

We went with a semi-realistic design for this sweet reminder of their very first date at a sushi restaurant. Elegant but cute, to match their desired style!

Birthday Waffles

These cinnamon-dusted vanilla bean sugar cookies made the perfect surprise for a waffle-loving husband. Best paired with actual waffles. :)

Hand-molded cookie dough creates those signature dimples, while we used our signature frosting to create realistic (but glittery) waffle toppings and icing to make syrup and whipped cream accents.

From our customer, Sue:

"I ordered custom waffle cookies from Sugar Realm Bakery last week for my husband’s birthday. They were decorated so beautifully and they tasted as good as they looked! He loved them! Absolutely delicious!! Each cookie is wrapped individually and thoughtfully so they stay so fresh and were presented so beautifully. Sugar Realm Bakery will definitely be my first choice for my next event."


A Very Special Announcement

If you order something ultra-cute - you're speaking our language! This client had a very clear view of what she wanted, which made it really fun and easy to go over color, design, and pattern details with her.

There's not much we can say that her review doesn't cover below - we put so much love into our work, and it means so much to us when our clients can tell that extra love went into their custom cookies.

From our customer, Natasha:

"I wanted cookies to include in a box announcing a very special event. I gave them a photo for inspo, but their result was better than the photo, and better than I could have imagined. The attention to detail was impressive - there were lots of flavor combos to choose from, but I selected vanilla cookies w marshmallow frosting. They hand decorate every cookie, so they asked questions on color/pattern/texture preference. I loved how they seemed to care a lot about everything being just right - both taste and appearance. The taste of the cookies were out of this world - so delicious! The cookies were not too hard, perfectly chewy, and the recipients loved them too. Thank you so much for making this occasion even more memorable!"

From our customer's mom, Lisa:

"I have to tell you how yummy these were. We were afraid we weren't gonna have enough but once we tasted one we had to have another one. Thank you so much we couldn't be happier with these!"

Celebrating Diversity

We were asked to make cookies celebrating diversity for Pride month. Our customer wanted to highlight LGBTQIA+ identifying POC in particular. We chose to paint thin line art of beautifully diverse faces and included multiple Pride flag cookies; including the trans shooting star and inclusive rainbow shown here.

(The rainbow includes the trans flag colors, as well as black and brown stripes, to signify the compounded difficulties faced by racial and gender identity minorities in the LGBTQIA+ community.)

From our customer, Noelle:

"This set surpassed my expectations! They are so beautiful!!! I can't decide which one I love most. These are so gorgeous, definitely order from them if you are in need of custom cookies!"


3rd Birthday Cookie Platter

A dear friend asked us to make train cookies for her son's third birthday party. In the past, we've received messages from parents letting us know that their children were delighted to play with the cookies like toys before eating them. So, we knew we wanted to design realistic cookies for her son (a true train aficionado), who would find it extra fun to recognize the different types.

One is a steam-powered coal train and the other is a modern cargo train with hand-painted "happy birthday" graffiti.

From our customer, Alyssa:

"[My son] and all of the kids LOVED these. They were all playing with them and lining them up like toys, it was so cute. He loved the red one with the cookie crumb "coal" so much. The detail is amazing!! Thank you so much!"

Foodie's Chicago Favorites

We were delighted to craft these miniature recreations of popular Chicago foods when a local foodie reached out to us on Instagram. She wanted to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers on her account. This was one of our very first custom orders!

Pictured are cookies decorated like the strawberry croissant from Good Ambler, the chicken tacos from Antique Taco, the limited edition White Rabbit ice cream from Kurimu, chicken coriander dumplings from QXY Dumplings, a chocolate sprinkle donut from Stan's Donuts, a matcha latte from Side Practice Coffee, the military latte from Sawada Coffee, and cake-inspired cookies reading "10k"!